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Dish heads

We have recently installed a new flanging machine which is computer hydraulically controlled. We can develop dished heads up to 28 mm. thickness with diameter up to 3800 mm, the largest that can be manufactured in this part of the world using cold forming method.

We are one of the leading manufacture of Dished Heads in the Country to manufacturer Dished Heads up to 28 mm thickness with diameter from 750 mm to 3800 mm.

Our fully hydraulically controlled machine can produce toriconical, torispherical, semi elliptical & flat heads. Please contact us for further detail & enquiries.



For the production of Dished Head we use the following equipment:
1. Automatic Flame/gas Cutting.
2. Hydraulic Press with Automatic Manipulator.
3. Hydraulically Controlled Flanging Machine.




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