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This division designs, fabricates and erects Lattice Towers and Steel Poles for power transmission lines and telecommunication project.

Some of the major projects executed :

A. 150 KV. Lattice Tower For Transmission lines:

Location-Langsa-Banda Aceh, North Sumatra.
Location-Bawean-Klaten, Central Java.
Location-Belawan-Binjai, North Sumatra.
Location-Lengkong-Curug, West Java.
Location Mempawah-singkawang, West Kalimantan
Location Prapat - Kotapinang

B. 275 KV. Lattice Tower For Transmission lines:

  • Location-Lahat-Kilian Jao, South Sumatra.
  • Location-Lubuk Linggau-Bakam, Sumatra

C. Lattice Towers and Poles for rural telecommunication projects.

  • Location- West and East java.

D. Telecommunications Project for GSM Tower

  • XL COM Project
  • Indosat Project
  • Telkomsel Project
  • STI Project
  • HCPT Project
  • NTS Project
  • WIN Project


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